photo by Lauren miles

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my journey in finding flowers has been a long one. some of my first memories of them comes from my grandparents- with helping my grandfather water trees or picking mint and marigolds from my grandmothers tiny side yard she kept in the desert sun of california. my mother also always had a garden of some sort full of vegetables and beautiful blooms, which led her to become a master gardener instructor.

my parents live on a small farm in southern oregon and although its in total contrast to my current life in the city it helped me appreciate living off the land, farm to table meals and tending to the responsibilities of keeping something green alive.

of all the careers i’ve made for myself (wedding photographer, lifestyle blogger, magazine accessories designer), i’ve found the most happiness in flowers and I know I won’t ever walk away from them now.

I believe that flowers bring joy to people and more than anything I love being a part of that joy.


heather smith is a floral designer and event stylist in Portland, Oregon- with the addition of workshops and small business mentoring her love for community and beautiful events have come full circle.

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portland, Oregon wedding florist and stylist

photo by Lauren miles

no matter how chaotic it is, wildflowers will still spring up in the middle of nowhere.