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setting a realistic wedding floral budget

Congrats! You're planning a wedding and although it might seem a little stressful at first with all the things you didn’t know you needed to do (pick out napkin colors? who lights our candles? dj vs mc??) we just wanted to pop in and tell you that it doesn’t have to be!

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our favorite small business must-haves for florists & creatives

When you wear all the hats in your business it can be easy to become unorganized and overwhelmed with projects, finances, social media and so much more- especially if you are a creative-go-with-the-flow type. But we highly encourage you to step up your game and get your small business in check this year- even if you’re used to running your business off one check list that you wrote on the back of an invoice, thats somewhere at the bottom of your purse.. believe us, we’ve been there!

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