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our favorite small business must-haves for florists & creatives

When you wear all the hats in your business it can be easy to become unorganized and overwhelmed with projects, finances, social media and so much more- especially if you are a creative-go-with-the-flow type. But we highly encourage you to step up your game and get your small business in check this year- even if you’re used to running your business off one check list that you wrote on the back of an invoice, thats somewhere at the bottom of your purse.. believe us, we’ve been there!

Today we are sharing some of our favorite platforms to help you get it together and ease up some of that behind the business stress we all have, hopefully these will free up some time, help you feel organized and allow you more freedom to create your art- instead of spending all your time on the business side!


QUICKBOOKS FOR SELF-EMPLOYMENT - if there is one thing we would recommend off this list first it would be this one. taxes aren’t fun, but its important that you know where you stand each quarter- plus this is a great way for you to see where your money really goes! Link up your business account and let quickbooks do the work for you- we set a couple category rules so it always knows how to organize what we spend and we LOVE the mileage tracker. You can manually enter your work trips, but we like using the app since it tracks all your mileage for you every time you head out on a job! Another great feature is the tax tracker at the top of the screen that shows you what you will owe on your next quarters taxes. We love being able to track our income, expenses, mileage and spending (take pics of receipts when you use cash!!) and pay taxes all in one program has been a life saver and has helped us find so many deductions we wouldn’t have found on our own. We were previously using wave & mile iq and last year we combined the two and signed up for quickbooks and haven’t looked back! We’d love to offer you 50% off your subscription to QBSE, snag it with this link!

HONEYBOOK - this has been a staple of ours since we started- this is how we send off itemized invoices, proposals, accept payments, e-sign contracts and so much more. although we make design boards on a different platform, we can attach them when we send off our client paperwork- the contract and payment plan alone is a great feature, but we love that our clients have access to reference back on everything we’ve discussed- it even syncs up our email correspondence for easy reference. We highly suggest trying the free trial and if you have any questions drop us a line, we are official educators for the platform!

CANVA & PICMONKEY - both of these programs offer different features that we love, from custom templates and collages, to photo editing and more- we use these for all our graphics for our website, newsletter, instagram stories, mood boards, design suites and even print material! its made design incredibly quick and easy for us while helping keep us on budget for our graphic needs.

AIR TABLE -Its part calendar, data base, spread sheet, its AMAZING!!! I don’t even know where to start with this one, its a freaking life saver and you just need to check it out, that’s all i’m going to say!!

PLANOLY- this one is huge for us and the social media clients we work with. its very similar to later, but we love the asthetic of it more. its so nice to plan out our instagram posts & captions along with tracking our analytics and even replying to comments all from our laptop or the app. some other features we love are the hashtag groupings and their blog- its full of all the instagram knowledge we need!

SKILLSHARE: this is a great online class platform (& we’re offering you 2mo free!!!) to brush up your skills and learn some new ones. with classes on hand-lettering, photography, writing, accounting and so many more- you are sure to have new education at your fingertips when you need it! seriously don’t miss out on this one.

RESOURCES: these aren’t programs we use, but instead blogs and items we currently love that we thought you’d find helpful!

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We hope you found this as helpful as we do, if you feel overwhelmed check out one of our favorite (& crazy easy) ways to get stuff done without burning out!