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diy bath soak

If you haven't had a chance to make it to one of our classes we thought we'd bring the class to you.  This easy botanical body soak is a great way to up the level on bath time.  With just a few simple ingredients and mixing you will be ready to jump in the tub in no time. Of course you could always give it as a gift, but we think you'll want to keep this one for yourself! (links below to some of our favorite supplies)

glass jar or paper pouch
himalayan salt
fine ground epsom soak
fragrance oil
bowl & spoon

This recipe will fill up one 4oz container.  In a bowl mix 2tbs himalyan salt, 3tbs epsom soak & 3tsp of your dried milk.  Next add your fragrance - we used this company they are a fine & essential oil blend- but if you are using pure essential oils use 5-6 drops and add more if needed for a stronger smell, give it a good mix and if you'd like add in some dried or fresh botanicals, we think this is the fun part!  Some of our favorites are lavender, chamomile, rose and rosemary.  Whatever suits your fancy!

Its that easy.. we're not joking. Package it up into your container and add a scoop or two into your water.  The salt acts as a preservative, but because of the milk we'd suggest a shelf life of about 4 months.  

We have a feeling you'll be making this for the rest of the season, so enjoy those baths! xx