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3 things i wish i did when I became my own boss

KNEW MY WORTH- i’ve always stayed in the humility lane when it comes to sharing myself and my value because i feel like the line between proud and bragging can be blurred- especially on social media- BUT it can be easy to forget that we have talent, experience, knowledge and so much more to bring to the table, if we aren’t reminded of it. personally i know i’m passionate about what i do, i try to soak up as much information in my field as possible and i give my clients my all- and all of this is worth something. although i’m definitely better at it now, knowing that value in the beginning would have helped ease a lot of things for me like: stress, losing sleep, over working myself, depression and the feeling of wanting to throw in the towel more times than i can count. i know what i’m worth and even if i’m still humble about it, i’m not afraid to stand up for that worth now.

SAID “NO” MORE OFTEN- this is still a struggle that i’m constantly working on, and i know i’m not the only one. as a small business owner and creative it can be so easy for us to take on more projects, more clients, more everything- because we truly love the work. saying no more often this year really allowed me to hone in on my skills, my strengths, and most importantly my joy. what projects can i say no to that will in turn give me the freedom to say yes to the ones that i love, that i want to do, that i want to represent my brand. not only does saying no open some yes doors, but it also gives me the chance to take breaks- our next thing we wish we did!

TOOK BREAKS- taking a break looks differently for so many people, but whatever you do make it a habit and stick to it! self-care is so important in so many ways both personally and professionally, but having the ability to rest and reset in whatever way you choose not only creates a better you, but it helps you create better. i know that i do my best work when i have had time to reward myself with days off, travel, relaxation, even just having time to do more things around my home, go for walks, or binge on a show i’ve been hearing about. anything possible that pushes me to step away from all the work so that when i come back to it i’m the best version of myself and can do my work well because i haven’t burned out.

all of these go hand in hand- if i knew my worth i’d be able to say no to the things that i really didn’t need to do- things that didn’t represent my brand or things that weren’t valuable to me. and if i said no i’d have more time for me and come back with a better mindset that allowed me to say yes to the jobs i knew were worth taking and the jobs that appreciated my worth! there are so many things we all wish we did or knew in the beginning, but these three have been the most important lessons for me and i hope they help you too!